"Videos of the EZ-I/O Changer: The Toilet Paper Replacement Device"

The EZ-I/O installation and assembly procedure

"The EZ-I/O Changer Toilet Paper Replacement Speed Test: a Motion/Time Study"

Replacing the toilet paper "WITHOUT" the EZ-I/O Changer

Replacing the toilet paper "WITH" the EZ-I/O Changer

NOTE: Above is a comparison between the time it takes to replace the toilet paper
WITHOUT the EZ-I/O Changer (left bottom video)
WITH the EZ-I/O Changer (middle bottom video).
As time goes by, its obvious that the EZ-I/O allows for more toilet paper changes/replacements.

To see the head-to-head comparison again, pick "HERE"

Pick "Here" to see more examples on the issue of changing the toilet paper roll


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